Two-way Communication Radio

At Chardar EA Ltd, we offer high-quality two-way communication radios for various settings, including public safety, construction, transportation, hospitality, and more. Our selection includes handheld, vehicle-mounted, and base station radios, with advanced features such as GPS tracking, weather alerts, and Bluetooth connectivity. Our radios are designed to provide reliable communication over short distances, allowing users to stay connected and coordinate effectively. Contact us today for more information on our two-way communication radio solutions.

Two-way Communication Radio


These radios are designed to be installed in vehicles, such as police cars, ambulances, and construction vehicles. They offer a higher range than handheld radios and can be used for communication between vehicles or with a central base station.

Base-Station Radios

These radios are stationary and are usually installed in a fixed location, such as a control room or a dispatch center. They provide wider coverage and are commonly used in settings where there is a need for constant communication, such as hospitals, airports, and government facilities.


These are simple handheld radios that are commonly used for short-range communication between two or more people. They are often used by families, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Long-range radios

These radios have a higher power output than standard two-way radios and can communicate over longer distances. They are commonly used in industrial settings, such as oil rigs, mining sites, and manufacturing plants.


These radios are commonly used for personal communication and are often used for activities like camping, hiking, and hunting. They operate on a lower frequency range and have a shorter range compared to other types of two-way radios.

CB Radios

Citizens Band radios are commonly used by truck drivers and other motorists to communicate with each other while on the road. They operate on a different frequency range than other two-way radios and have a longer range compared to FRS/GMRS radios.


Repeaters are devices that receive and transmit signals to extend the range of communication. They are often used in large buildings, outdoor events, and remote locations where regular communication is needed.

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